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Conférence de Elisa Crisci, lundi 15 mai

. © Inra, E. Crisci
Mis à jour le 29/05/2017
Publié le 11/05/2017
. © Inra, E. Crisci
© Inra, E. Crisci

Virus-host interactions: from human to pig

Elisa Crisci
UMR1313 Génétique Animale et Biologie Intégrative
Equipe Génétique Immunité, Santé

Lundi 15 mai 2017 à 11h00

Centre Inra Île-de-France-Jouy-en-Josas

Amphithéâtre du bâtiment 440


Over the course of evolution viruses have developed highly sophisticated mechanisms for interacting with host cells. In response to the animal immune system, which activates specific cellular and humoral mechanisms to neutralize infections, viruses put in play immune-evasion mechanisms for counteracting host responses and subsequently disseminate the disease. Along my research career I have been investigating the interactions taking place between viruses (circovirus, calicivirus, PRRSV, influenza, herpes virus type 2, HIV etc.) and host immune cells (in particular dendritic cells and macrophages) with the main aim to identify and dissect the specific host intracellular pathways involved. The role of the humoral immune system was also taken into account. My work was mainly performed in humans and pigs, one of the golden standard models for human research. I will provide a review of these studies and outline my current project and next directions.