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Single cell analysis from 100s to millions of cell

 © M. Ploquin
Mis à jour le 04/09/2018
Publié le 28/08/2018

Vendredi 21 septembre, 13h30

INRA IdF Jouy-en-Josas

Amphithéâtre du bâtiment 440


High-throughput, single-cell expression measurements enable discovery of gene expression dynamics for profiling individual cell types. The Chromium Single Cell Controller which is a dedicated instrument for single cell applications and features a simple and comprehensive workflow, enabling users to quickly and easily prepare single cell sequencing libraries in less than one workday.
With the unique ability to interrogate hundreds to millions of cells, the Single Cell Chromium Controller supports a variety of applications, including the existing Chromium™ Single Cell 3’ Solution, as well as a future product featuring to perform full-length sequencing of V(D)J segments from single B or T cells. The system is accompanied by Chromium Single Cell 3’ Reagent Kits with advanced chemistry and microfluidics consumables based on GemCode™ Technology and features full compatibility with the Illumina® HiSeq® 4000 and other HiSeq®, NovaSeq®, NextSeq® and MiSeq® sequencers.
Our latest products (single cell ATAC-seq and single cell DNA-seq CNV) coming in 2018 will be also presented

  • Invité par Maelle Pannetier, UMR 1198 Biologie du Développement et Reproduction