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Appel à candidatures pour sujet de thèse

Mis à jour le 28/02/2019
Publié le 28/02/2019

Lieu de travail : Saint Genès Champanelle - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - France
Intitulé du sujet: PhD System-level understanding of microbe-microbe interactions and fermentation of the rumen microbiota
Champs scientifiques : Biologie - Biotechnologie - Mathématiques
Mots clés : microbes, fermentation, modellingRésumé:Rumen microbes orchestrate,viasyntrophic interactions, the anaerobic degradation of plant polysaccharides which allows animals to harvest nutrients that are otherwise inaccessible. On the other hand, the rumen microbial metabolism contributes to the environmental impact of agriculture by releasing to the environment methane (a by-product of microbial fibre degradation). Manipulating the rumen microbiota has emerged as a potential strategy for enhancing sustainable livestock productivity. However, existing attempts have found limited success as a consequence of the rumen ecosystem resilience and lack of a detailed understanding of the ecosystem dynamics. This PhD project aims at enhancing the system-level understanding of the rumen ecosystem functioning by undertaking a detailed -omic characterisation of microbial metabolism.  Microbial interactions will be studiedin vitrowith key rumen microbes within minimal consortia. Mathematical modelling projects of the rumen microbiome will run in parallel of the PhD. Together, experiments and mathematical models will provide a solid bedrock for the further development of a modelling framework describing the dynamic interplay of the ruminant holobiont (animal-microbiota), the diet and the environment.Le doctorant bénéficiera d'une équipe interdisciplinaire qui participe à différents projets internationaux de la microbiologie du rumen et du réseau de Réseau de génomique microbienne du rumen.
Date limite de candidature : 31 mai 2019