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Portrait of Jean-François Cosson : "One Health" and citizen science. 

Published on 02/19/2018
Jean-François Cosson, directeur de recherche
Jean-François Cosson, directeur de recherche
Jean-François Cosson and his colleagues are going after ticks and the diseases they transmit with the project CiTIQUE.

Jean-François Cosson became a research director in 2006 and was later named to the position of Deputy Head of INRA’s EFPA (Forest, Grassland and Freshwater Ecology) Research Division in 2013. These additional responsibil...

The 2018 edition of FameLab, the world's leading science communication competition and it began today in France!

Published on 02/13/2018

FameLab France 2018, kick-off !

The objective for the candidates: present the scientific subject of their choice in 3 minutes! They are on stage and must convince the public and a jury of communication, research and media specialists. They are evaluated on 3 criteria: content, clarity and charisma.


When, where ?

  • On-line selection phase: send a video of the presentation by April 15 2018. Ten candidates will be selected.
  • Two-day training course in communication.
  • The French final...

Alejandro Cabezas-Cruz received the Odile Bain award for his work in parasitology.

Published on 02/05/2018

Emergence and spread of the Bluetongue Virus serotype 4 in Corsica and continental France in 2017

Published on 02/05/2018

A calf was found to be infected by the Bluetongue Virsu serotype 4 (BTV) (results from the joint research unit UMR 1161). This is the first time a serotype 4 case was detected in continental France. Where the infection originated is currently unknown but BTV ser...

An ANSES-ENVA-INRA joint laboratory is chosen as a new reference laboratory for the EU for the foot-and-mouth-disease

Published on 02/05/2018

With the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, the commission launched a call for applications to design a new reference laboratory for the European Union for the foot-and-mouth-disease. Anses, through their Animal Health laboratory of Maisons Alfort and its UMR1161 submitted its application...