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Prion, Alzheimer, Parkinson : many unanswered questions ...

Published on 08/20/2018

Human Rezaei is joint-head of the team "Macro-A...

How have Charolais cows adapted to tropical conditions?

Published on 07/31/2018

New strategies for animal and public health

Published on 07/26/2018

This first scientific seminar on key project 3 is aimed at presenting the mature projects or those currently under construction, coordinated by SAPS units, at all stages. 

The program will be organized around 15 minute oral sessions for current and...

Proposals for Master 1-2 Internships and 3rd year engineering students for 2018-2019

Published on 07/12/2018

CrispR-Food Debate; What if tomorrow, we eat edited genomes?

Published on 07/12/2018

Max Mollon, a designer, professor and scientist in fiction design, has imagined f(r)ictional futures,  interspersed with objects and usages that con...