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Patterning of the vertebrate skin through mechanical and Turing instabilities

Published on 04/27/2018

Thursday, June 21 from 13h30 to16h30

Amphithéâtre building 440

Centre INRA IdF Jouy-en-Josas


We investigate multiple non-classical model spec...

Promises of organoids for livestock research

Published on 04/20/2018

Friday June 15 at  13:30 (length 45 min)

Centre INRA IdF Jouy-en-Josas

building 231, room 271.


Organoids are 3D organotypic cultures derived from tissue stem cells, embryonic cells and induced...

Characterization of circular RNA in pig testicules

Published on 03/29/2018

Thursday April 5, 2018 at 11:00

Centre INRA IdF Jouy-en-Josas

Building 440 lecture hall


Circular RNA were discovered many years ago but it was necessary to wait until 2012 in order for th...

Characterization of the bovine mammary gland epithelial lineage.

Published on 01/18/2018
Coupe de glande mammaire de chèvre en gestation observée en microscopie optique.
Concours/exposition de photographies sur le thème « Arts et science » à Jouy-en-Josas en 2009.. © INRA, BEVILACQUA Claudia

Laurence Finot

UMR Pégase - Physiologie, Envionnement et Génétique pour l'Animal et les Systèmes d'Élevage

Agrocampus Ouest, INRA, Saint-Gilles, France.

Thursday January 25 at 10 h
INRA Centre IdF Jouy-en-Josas
Chanteclerc meeting room, building 211


The mammary gland is a dynamic organ that changes throughout the life of a dairy cow during the differe...

Roles of histone deposition in gene expression regulation and heterochromatin organization

Published on 12/11/2017
Conférence Aline Probst. © INRA, A. Probst
© INRA, A. Probst

Aline Probst

CR1 CNRS, Head of the "Role of histone variants and the nuclear enveloppe in heterochromatin organisation" team of the Genetics, Reproduction and Development Unit (GRED)  UMR CNRS, INSERM and Auvergne University and Blaise Pascale at Clermont-Ferrand

Wednesday December 13 2017 at 11 h

INRA Centre IdF Jouy-en-Josas

Lecture Hall, building 440

Invited by Amélie...