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Vaccines for tomorrow: what are the challenges for men and animals?

Published on 11/15/2016
Cellules dendritiques (bleues) et macrophages (verts) dans l'épithélium bronchique porcin © Inra,Céline Urien. © INRA, Céline Urien
Cellules dendritiques (bleues) et macrophages (verts) dans l'épithélium bronchique porcin © Inra,Céline Urien © INRA, Céline Urien

3rd One Health Seminar: Monday 5 December

Amphithéâtre 110, Inra Centre-siège
147, Rue de l’Université • 75007 Paris

Since its creation in 2012, the "One Health d’Île-de-France" seminar unites scientists working in human medicine, veterinary m...

Post-traumatic stress disorder, a pathology of memory reactivation? A search for monoaminergic uncoupling and new therapeutic approaches in rats

Published on 11/10/2016
genOway et l’INRA ont cloné les premiers rats.. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand
© INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

Claire Le Dorze

Pascale Gisquet-Verrier Team

The Paris Saclay Neurosciences Institute - CNRS UMR 9197

Friday December 9 at 11:00

INRA Centre de recherche de Jouy en Josas

Room 271 building 230

Invited by Vincent Bombail, NBO Unit


Le Trouble de Stress Post-Traumatique (TSPT) est une pathologie qui se développe chez des sujets exposés à des événemen...

The RESAMA (Network for the study of health of aquatic model animals) seminar at the INRA of Jouy en Josas, December 8, 2016

Published on 11/07/2016
Poissons zèbre de taille adulte (4 à 5 cm). Installations piscicoles expérimentales de l'unité IERP (Infectiologie expérimentale des rongeurs et des poissons) à Jouy-en-Josas.. © Bertrand NICOLAS - Inra, NICOLAS Bertrand
© Bertrand NICOLAS - Inra, NICOLAS Bertrand
During this seminar, different subjects concerning breeding of aquatic animal models will be discussed: the health of the animals, prophylaxis, good animal keeping practices, the pathologies of amphibian and fish models, breeding systems, water and food quality, ....

The UMS AMAGEN, in partnership with Dr. Norin Chai, a veterinarian from the...

Check out our media library and discover some of the media used by our research units!

Published on 11/07/2016
Journées Portes Ouvertes INRA Jouy média. © INRA, E. CARL
The research units belonging to SAPS participate in many different events that share and diffuse scientific research results. We invite you to discover some of these illustrations via posters, presentations, reports, videos or interviews of science!


Presentations from the open-house days for the 70th anniversary of INRA
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CINESCIENCE : The premiere of the film, "And man created the cow"

Published on 11/07/2016
Vaches de race holstein mangeant de l'herbe conservée distribuée dans l'auge d'une stabulation.. © INRA, PEYRAUD Jean-Louis
© INRA, PEYRAUD Jean-Louis
 On November 19 novembre at 22h35 and on Tuesday November 29 novembre at 10h50, Arte will diffuse the film, "And man created the cow". The premiere of the film was on November 10 2016 at the French embassy of Berlin, during the week of science. 

A film by Jean Christophe Ribot, cowritten by Nathalie Barge and Audrey Mikaelian (ARTE France 2016).

The cow, an anim...