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SeQuaStat: statistical modeling for the integration of omics data. An application to the study of semen quality

Published on 05/29/2017
Vue d'un écran de traitement informatique de données biologiques dans l'unité Métagénopolis.. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand
© INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

PhD Candidate Profile: General engineer training with good knowledge in statistics and interest in animal breeding

Length: 36 months beginning in October 2017

Financing : CIFRE. Employer : ALLICE (
Laboratories :    Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology (GABI)
Developmental and Reproduction Biology (BDR) htt...

SAPS 2017 seminar for Master 2 student presentations

Published on 05/29/2017
Colloque annuel des jeunes chercheurs de Jouy (organisé par l'association des doctorants et stagiaires Doc'J).. © Bertrand NICOLAS - Inra, NICOLAS Bertrand
© Bertrand NICOLAS - Inra, NICOLAS Bertrand

Thursday June 1st, 2017

INRA Ile-de-France Jouy en Josas

Lecture Hall, building 440, from 9h15-16h30

Building Phenotypes

 Metabolic effects on the foal weight following arginine supplementation of primiparous mares during the last 4 months of gestation

  • Emilie DERISOUD 3rd year INGE, AGRO CAMPUS- Rennes
  • Pascale Chavatte-Palmer

Impact of fet...

Immunogenetics of the materno-fetal interface

Published on 05/22/2017
. © O. Chazara, O. Chazara
© O. Chazara, O. Chazara

Olympe Chazara

University of Cambridge, Center for Trophoblast Research, UK

Friday June 2, 2017 at 13h15
Centre Inra Île-de-France-Jouy-en-Josas
Room 271 building 230


During pregnancy, the invasion of the uterus by the placenta should be correctly calibrated to ensure that neither the fetus nor the mother are in danger. Most leucocytes resi...

Predictive Biology for health: Socio-economic and scientific challenges in man, animals and plants

Published on 05/18/2017
. © INRA

A seminar that involves both the Life Sciences Department of UPSaclay and the "Maison des Sciencs de l'Homme" Paris-Saclay.

Wednesday May 31, 2017 from 10.00 to 17.15.

The objective of this seminar is for biologists, legal experts, ethicists and economists to discuss approaches and new knowledge that contribute to the elaboration of prediction, diagnostic and prevention strategies...

Describing embryo develoment differently in order to take into account intrinsic and extrinsic variability factors: an application in fish

Published on 05/16/2017
Oeufs embryonnés d'alose juste avant l'éclosion. © INRA, ESCAFFRE Anne Marie
Oeufs embryonnés d'alose juste avant l'éclosion © INRA, ESCAFFRE Anne Marie

Bérénice Schaerlinger, MCF

Université de Lorraine, Laboratoire URAFPA

Friday May 19 2017 at 13h15

Centre Inra Île-de-France-Jouy-en-Josas

Room 271 building 230



The observation of embryo development has fascinated scientists for a very long time. It was rapidly associated with a better unde...