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Genetic determinism for body size in cattle: many genes are implicated

Published on 02/23/2018
Vache tarentaise (Haute Savoie).. © INRA, CARRERAS Florence
Vache tarentaise (Haute Savoie). © INRA, CARRERAS Florence
Cattle come in all sizes: small, average or big. Scientists from INRA, Allice (a cooperative for animal selection and reproduction) and foreign partners involved in the "1000 bovine genomes" consortium explored the genetic determinism responsible for animal stature. Their results show a very complex regulation.

At least 163 genomi...

The seminar for young scientists at the INRA IdF Jouy-en-Josas research center: a Doc'J event

Published on 02/23/2018
Logo Doc'J. © INRA, Doc'J
© INRA, Doc'J
The association DOC’J invites you to the 2018 edition of the young scientists seminar that will be held on March 22,  2018 in the lecture hall of building 440 on the INRA Ile-de-France Jouy-en-Josas research center.


  • Morning: 3-minute competition for oral presentations and posters for the doctoral students: many prizes may be won including 1 000€ offered by V...

GABI, member of SAPS, will be present on the INRA stand of the 2018 International Agricultural Fair (SIA) with activites on "Animal diversity : resources for farming and the identity and life in French regions."

Published on 02/19/2018
cartes postales SIA 2018 GABI. © INRA, THOMAS Caroline
© INRA, THOMAS Caroline
Quizzes, games and simple scientific explanations.

To present:

  • The history of domestication of farm animal species
  • The important diversity of local breeds for several farm animal species
  • The genetic bases for visible traits such as egg shell or feather color in chickens
  • The role of the animal biological resources center for the preservation and characteriza...

Portrait of Jean-François Cosson : "One Health" and citizen science. 

Published on 02/19/2018
Jean-François Cosson, directeur de recherche
Jean-François Cosson, directeur de recherche
Jean-François Cosson and his colleagues are going after ticks and the diseases they transmit with the project CiTIQUE.

Jean-François Cosson became a research director in 2006 and was later named to the position of Deputy Head of INRA’s EFPA (Forest, Grassland and Freshwater Ecology) Research Division in 2013. These additional responsibil...

The 2018 edition of FameLab, the world's leading science communication competition and it began today in France!

Published on 02/13/2018

FameLab France 2018, kick-off !

The objective for the candidates: present the scientific subject of their choice in 3 minutes! They are on stage and must convince the public and a jury of communication, research and media specialists. They are evaluated on 3 criteria: content, clarity and charisma.


When, where ?

  • On-line selection phase: send a video of the presentation by April 15 2018. Ten candidates will be selected.
  • Two-day training course in communication.
  • The French final...