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The 4th SAPS M2 Seminar

Bâtiment Jacques Poly (N°440). © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand
Updated on 06/04/2019
Published on 05/27/2019

PP1 : Building phenotypes

- Yaël Wilkie (BDR, advisor: Amélie Bonnet-Garnier) : "Chromatin remodelling  during early embryonic development in mammals."

- Marie Le Gad (BDR advisor: Vincent Mauffré/Gilles Charpigny) : "Effect of essential oils in controlling uterine inflammation in cattle: in vitro evaluation."

- Lucille Benoit (BDR, advisor: Olivier Sandra) : "Phenotyping of heifers in association with full-term gestation capacity."

- Jédida Ndong (BDR, advisor: Eric Pailhoux/Geneviève Jolivet) : "Role of retinoic acid in rabbit ovaries during the perinatal period."

- Silvin Marine (GABI, Modit team, advisor: Amandine Duchesne) : "Characterization of a mouse model for cleft palate. Is MYH3 implicated in palatogenesis?"

- Marion Garrigue (BDR, advisor: Pascale Chavatte-Palmer) : "Fractionning of feeding and osteochondrosis in horses."

- Camille Leconte (BDR, advisor- Anne Couturier-Tarrade/M-N Dieudonné) :"Development of a model for the co-culture of human trophoblastic and mesenchymatic cells for the evaluation of the effects on cell fusion and transplacental passage of contaminants like nanoparticles."

- Anissa Gagneux (BDR-EA7404, advisor Esther Dos Santos) :"Impact of obesity on differentiation capacity of human endometrial cells."

PP2 : Selection on tomorrow's farms

- Estibaliz Sanchez-Garcia (GABI, equipe GenAqua, advisor: F. Phocas, J. D’Ambrosio) : "Estimation of the genetic burden and inbreeding depression in selected lines of rainbow trout."

- Tristan Kistler (GABI, GenAqua team, advisor: F. Phocas) : "Modelling and optimization of bee selection schemes."

- Mélissa Poncet (GABI, G2B team, advisor: Dominique Rocha) : "Inactivation of regulating genes by genome editing."

- Milad Behdazi (GABI, G2B team, advisor: Mekki Boussaha) : "Study of transposable elements in cattle using whole genome sequencing data."

- Emy Ponsardin (GABI, G2B and @BRIDGe core facilities teams, advisors: Dominique Rocha, Marie-Noelle Rossignol) : "Analysis of circulating DNA in cattle."

PP3 : New strategies for animal and public health

- Lebrun Laura (GABI, GALAC team, advisor: Madia Charlier): "Effects of a SOCS2 mutation, associated with mastitis predisposition on lactation in mice: development of experimental tools."

- De Casanove Clémence (GABI, GALAC team, advisors: Cathy HUE-BEAUVAIS/Fabienne LE PROVOST) : "Development and characterization of a murine model for mammary gland inflammation in successive lactations."

- Marion Prost (VIM V2I team, advisor: D. Descamps, Q. Marquant) : "Immunodulation of murine newborn sensitivity to Syncytial Respiratory Virus by administration of primo-colonizing lung bacteria."

- Lorène Gonnin (VIM BMP team, advisor: M. Galloux ) : "Functional and strucural study of the interaction between nucleoprotein N of the Synctial Respiratory Virus and  TAX1BP1 cell protein."

- Bryan Findo (VIM, FLU team, advisor: B. Delmas) : "Development of tools for the study of Influenza virus polymerase interactions with cell proteins."

- Molida Mao (VIM, FLU team, advisor: C Chevalier and C Calzas) : "The development of auto-adjuvant nanorings by Flagellin for vaccination against the Avian Influenza." 

- Doret Van-Muilekom (VIM, IIP team, advisor: B. Collet) :"Development of a CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing system for the study of immune response to viruses in cyprinid cells."

PP4 : Phenotype prevision and adaptation responses

- Morgan Berlivet (NBO, advisor: Isabelle Denis/Olivier Rampin): "Regulation of food intake: Identification of behavioral markers of pleasure (ultrasound vocals) and neurophysiological markers in response to a rat's meal.

- Lucie Allart (GABI, G2B team, advisor: Pauline Martin) : "Study of the adaptative capacity of Charolais cattle to food restriction stress."

- François Beaudeau (GABI, GIBBS team, advisor F. Jaffrézic) :"Integration of omics data and identification of predictive biomarkers - method comparison"

Not within a key project:

- Nathalie Cornet (BDR, advisor: Olivier Sandra/Jean-Marc AYOUBI) : "Vascular anastomoses and early markers of reperfusion in a sheep model of uterine autotransplantation."

- Marie Carbonnel (BDR, advisor: Pascale Chavatte-Palmer/Jean-Marc AYOUBI) : "Auto Uterine Transplantation in Uterine Autografting Sheep: One-Vein versus 2-Vein Surgery and Histology."

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