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The Sciences Animales Paris Saclay Institute welcomes high school students.

Updated on 04/10/2018
Published on 04/05/2018
Keywords: BREVES

Thus they were able to meet Pierre Sibille, a scientist who studies prions (agents responsible for Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies responsible for  the mad cow disease) and who is a researcher in the Virology and Molecular Immunology Unit (VIM). Nicolas Bertho, also a researcher of the VIM unit, talked about his subject - vaccines. Finally, the students were able to visit a containment laboratory and an animal facility for mice.

These students in their last year of high school studying STAV (Agronomy and Life Sciences and Technology) were accompanied by their Life Sciences and Philosophy teachers. These teachers develop actions to make students debate about life-related issues and the role of research and researchers in society.