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The Animal Sciences are invited to the opera.

Les 10 ans de S [CUbe] © SCUBE
Updated on 01/19/2018
Published on 11/06/2017
Keywords: BREVES
Les 10 ans de S [CUbe] © SCUBE
Les 10 ans de S [CUbe] © SCUBE
Inra and the Institute Sciences Animales Paris-Saclay participated in the 10th anniversary celebration of the S [CUbe] association.  This association, which is dedicated to diffusing scientific and technical culture throughout the Ile de France region celebrated its anniversary at the Opera in Massy from November 17 to 19, 2017.  The program included visits, workshops, expositions, conferences, a concert and shows for all ages from  6 to 106 years of age.

The S [CUbe] Association is a project built by the Paris-Saclay urban community to develop scientific and technical culture ensuring a connection between research and the population.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the association was invited by the Opera in Massy from November 17 to 19, 2017, to organise an event entitled "Science at the Opera". The population was invited to share knowledge and imagination around the sciences during three days of discoveries.

Sciences and arts, philosophy and techniques were associated to surprise, show and share through different events. Many varying activites were offered for all ages : families and the public, schools, experts, professionals of scientific mediation ....

Inra, a founding member of S [CUbe], was in charge of activities focused on the Animal Sciences. Four research laboratories from the Institute Sciences Animales Paris Saclay (SAPS) participated and presented different topics:

  • Research on ticks and the participatory science project CiTIQUE, by the BIPAR unit,
  • Taste and olfaction by the NBO unit,
  • Pathogens and immunity by the VIM unit,
  • The Microbiota of farm animals, by the GABI unit.

The event was free of charge.
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