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West Nile Virus : with a warm summer in France, will it be coming back?

Moustique femelle. Culex pipiens.. © INRA, COUTIN Remi
Updated on 09/04/2018
Published on 08/21/2018
Keywords: BREVES

Last year, two cases of West Nile fever were diagnosed in southeast France, near Nice. This disease, transmitted by mosquitoes and caused by the West Nile Virus, occurs regularly in Mediterranean and East European countries during the summer and in the autumn.

The West Nile Virus is not as well known as other similar viruses such as the dengue, Zika or Usutu, all transmitted by mosquitoes. Until now, West Nile Virus has only rarely caused severe forms of the disease in humans in France, which explains why it is less feared. Protective precautions are, however, the same and are essentially keeping mosquitoes away. The climatic and environmental conditions tend to show that the West Nile Virus will not disappear in the near future. Also, it is important to be familiar with its characteristics to know how to react if a new episode of the disease presents itself.

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