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Training and Education

Doctoral Students

  • Principal Doctoral Schools of the Paris Saclay University (UPSay) and Paris East University within which over 70 Teams are accredited for training of doctoral students 
    • ABIES (Agriculture, Foods and Nutrition, Biology, Environment, Health),
    • BioSigNE (Signaling and Integrative Networks in Biology),
    • SDSV (Structure and Dynamics of Living Systems),
  • Approximately 75 doctoral students are hosted in our laboratories every year. 
  • Creation of a doctoral student course on "Animal Experimental Biology and Predictive Modeling" for the Life Sciences Division of UPSay


Engineers and Veterinarians

  • Engineer Training at AgroParisTech: Sustainable and Innovative Breeding (EDEN)
  • Training and hosting of veterinarian students enrolled in a research course
  • Erasmus Plus Program: Innovirology (ENVA)

Other Students

  • Hosting of BTS and Master2 students

Continuing Education

A doctoral student training program

Published on 11/06/2015
Colloque annuel des jeunes chercheurs organisé par l'association des doctorants du centre de recherche de Jouy.. © Bertrand NICOLAS - Inra, NICOLAS Bertrand
© Bertrand NICOLAS - Inra, NICOLAS Bertrand

2015-2016 Experimental Animal Biology and Predictive Modeling 

7 -11 March 2016

The objective of this training program is to introduce the student to the different following fields of research: experimental animal biology, selection and production of new genotypes in farm species, the study of environment-genotype-phenotype interactions and qu...